Sometimes in our lifetime our troubles consume us, leaving us not knowing which way to turn or where to begin. Inside Matters hosts a tight team of highly qualified, integrative and accredited Counsellors who can offer a range of tools and approaches to cater for your specific needs. Inside Matters Counselling recognises that we are all different and that counselling certainly is not about ‘one size fits all’. We work with you as the individual (or couple) in a non-judgemental and bespoke manner, to facilitate you through exploring your personal development needs, helping you to establish a way forward so that you may ultimately be happy in your own skin.

Trained in a variety of psychotherapy models, including Person-Centred, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic, our Counsellors are not just here to listen, but to actively give you tools and strategies so that you can solidify new self-awareness and more pleasing and helpful behaviours as they develop. We would like to see all our clients maintain emotional self-sufficiency and to gain the most out of their counselling experience with us.

Inside Matters Counselling works with you as a person and sees what brings us to therapy as symptomatic of something within us that needs tending to, therefore we welcome the privilege to explore your inside matters with you.