Inside Matters Counselling is a unique counselling service with a fundamental aim to facilitate you through your individual personal development and personal growth, offering you tools and strategies to help you make and maintain significant positive changes in your life.
All our Counsellors are highly qualified and Accredited, our distinct approach has been created to help you reach a more helpful self-perception. Inside matters will allow you to re-frame how you view yourself, into someone you would prefer to be, in order to live a more fulfilling and happy life. We offer a free initial assessment and consultation session with no obligation. Cost of sessions moving forward:
  • Individual £60
  • Couples £65

Meet Your Specialists


Katherine Gregg

Service Manager

Accredited Psychotherapist and Life Coach.


Sharon Suppaya

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Offering a solution focused approach, breaking habits, unhelpful thinking patterns, OCD, Trauma and Phobias.


Sara Andrews

Accredited Therapist and Mindfulness Coach

Offering counselling and psychotherapy to adults and adolescents.


Kerry Knight

Reiki Master Practitioner

Energy treatment to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul.


Alison Allart

Integrative REBT/CBT Psychotherapist

Working with Adolescents & Adults - Offering CBT/REBT/EMDR challenging and identifying unhealthy beliefs and behaviours


Martin Stubbs

Accredited Counselling Psychotherapist

Offering a Person-Centred based approach, with complimentary integrative models.