Inside Matters Counselling offers a range of holistic treatments that can really compliment your personal development journey. These treatments can be used in addition to your therapeutic work or when coming to the end of your therapeutic journey to help solidify new awareness and change. Our holistic treatments can help aid anxiety symptoms, other physical conditions, phobias, bad habits, limiting beliefs, trauma, self-esteem and confidence.


Clinical Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to create positive thought processes and develop new and much more effective behaviours. You will notice good feelings within yourself simply because you have taken control of something that previously had control of you. It is common to experience an all-round improvement when the positive effects of hypnotherapy spill over into all aspects of day-to-day life pulling everything together creating emotional calm and balance.
When you have made the decision to make positive changes and with your intentions firmly in the right place, hypnosis and therapeutic discussion will give your mind the best conditions for your subconscious to accept positive ideas and directions to break a bad habit, change an unwanted behaviour or overcome anxiety, panic attacks or a phobia. It works because with the conscious mind calm and relaxed it feels comfortable enough to take a back seat and stop filtering through a multitude of worries, thoughts and feelings. It is then that it becomes possible to communicate with the subconscious and address whatever it is that restricts you or has made normal day to day life difficult.


Reiki is an unconditional healing energy that originates from Japan. “Reiki” is a Japanese word that translates to “universal life force energy”. Now used by the NHS, the energy works in unconditional harmony with the mind and body whilst inducing relaxation and physical healing. Reiki will work to correct and balance the flow of energy in the body by aligning your energies to boost health, vitality, and restore the body’s natural healing cycle. The effects of Reiki vary greatly from person to person. You may experience physical sensations such as warmth and tingling as well as an altered state of consciousness. On some occasions, you may not feel anything at all, regardless the energy will always be working for your highest and greatest good.
Reiki healings involve the Reiki Master passing the energy through you to raise the frequency of energy in your mind and body. This will take place at the beginning of your healing to prepare your mind and body for cleansing and purification. You will be asked to close your eyes and visualise to allow a high frequency of Reiki energy that will be sent through your mind and body to bring balance and make positive adjustments to your natural energy. Reiki can often bring on powerful physical and emotional healing effects, both during and after your session.