Look after your mind, body and soul…

Supporting women going through Menopause, also their Partners.

Menopause can be a challenging time for many reasons, physically and emotionally.  Inside Matters hosts a team of multi-skilled professionals and we are now offering Menopause Wellbeing Packages, tailored to your individual specific needs during your Menopause journey.

Whether Menopause is happening to you or your loved one, we are here to support you, offering you a combined approach of:


Nutritional Guidance



Our highly qualified practitioners specialise in working with Menopause and are here to guide you in deciding what approaches you might like to access, whether it’s one, two or all the treatments on offer, we will design a package based on what you personally would like to achieve.  Our treatments aim to compliment your Menopause journey, helping you to nurture the mind and body.  During Menopause many changes are occurring, the variety of approaches we use at Inside Matters have been proven to assist in the relief of your symptoms during this time.

Call us for an informal chat and to potentially book in a consultation session for you.